Volunteer Experiences

“CATH appreciate all the work that our volunteers contribute to the Organisation and feel there is no better way to demonstrate this than to let our volunteers tell you their own stories”.

CATH Charity Shop - Mark

Hi my name is Mark, I have been a volunteer in CATH Charity shop since March 2015.  I decided to volunteer in the shop to use the skills I already had experience dealing with customers and due to health problems this has been an ideal role for me.  I am part of a large team of volunteers and staff which has enabled me to build up my confidence, feel treated with respect and CATH has been a great support to me and my needs.  Volunteering at CATH has made me realise that becoming homeless could happen to anyone of us at any time, I would recommend that if you wish to volunteer, CATH is the perfect place to be.

CATH Charity Shop

I have been a volunteer in the CATH Charity Shop for almost 6 years now.  I wanted to do some voluntary work after I retired and as I was already involved with “Nosh at the North” (providing meals for the homeless) CATH Shop seemed the obvious choice.  Having worked in an office for 42 years where I didn’t meet the “customers” I now enjoy meeting the customers, a lot of whom are regulars each week, I also enjoy doing the displays etc.  The staff and volunteers are friendly and as all the proceeds go to benefit the homeless people we work with in the Perth & Kinross areas I feel it’s worthwhile – why not give it a go if you have a few spare hours?

CATH Charity Shop

Throughout my time spent as a volunteer in the CATH shop, since its opening in 2010 working with caring Management and other volunteers, I have felt a valued member of the team and a real sense of belonging to a very worthwhile local Charity.  The few hours spent each week helping with displays and customer service, in a relaxed, friendly environment are very enjoyable and fulfilling.

CATH Charity Shop

I moved to Scotland in September 2015 to attend College and as someone new to the country I didn’t have the friends or employment to keep me busy, therefore I got bored and wanted to volunteer as it is an opportunity to meet people, add to my resume and feel you’ve made a contribution to the community. Now nine months later I still volunteer even though I now have made friends and a job.  I volunteer because I feel happy every time I come into the shop, the tasks are fund, it’s a break from everyday life and the people I’ve met are so friendly.  I am so glad I took a chance and didn’t waste my spare time in front of the tv.

Day Centre

What to do when retirement looms!!! Well I was coming ever closer to that in October 2006 so in the spring of that year I contacted CATH Day Centre at the Ladeside in Perth to see if I could work as a volunteer. I have been here 10 years now and find it very fulfilling as when I leave I feel as if I have done something worthwhile. I help prepare and serve a midday meal for up to 25 people, some days are more eventful than others, but I cannot say in the other jobs I have had in the past nurse, telephonist or documentation technician that I had the same satisfaction of doing something as I do now. Who knows what the future holds, maybe I will be here for another 10 years!!