Volunteer with CATH
Volunteer for us

CATH is proud of the work that volunteers undertake, individually and as a team, and recognises the positive effect that volunteers have on the organisation

Why we include volunteers

A person may want to volunteer for a variety of reasons – each as valid as the next for example:

  • Assisting with life-long learning and personal development
  • Providing relevant work experience and references
  • Sharing knowledge, skills and enthusiasm
  • Making new friends
  • Giving something back
  • Being in a nice environment and doing something a bit different
The benefits to CATH include:
  •  Increasing Resources and Improving Quality

Volunteers improve and broaden the range of services that CATH can offer and the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation as a whole. Volunteers may also bring specialist skills to support our work.

  • Diversity

Volunteers may help to increase the range of skills, interest, life experiences and cultural backgrounds within CATH

  • Accountability

Involving volunteers in the work that CATH does is an important way of increasing accountability. Volunteers view the work we do from different perspectives and we welcome the comments and suggestions that volunteers make about our operations.

  • Community Involvement

Volunteering involves the community in our work and is a valuable way of promoting and raising awareness of our clients and the services we provide

What you’ll gain

We can offer you a rewarding experience and a range of opportunities

Current Opportunities

See which roles we are currently  recruiting for and how you can help.

How to apply

Applying is simple

Volunteer Stories

Read about some of our volunteers’ experiences