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Welcome to CATH
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Nearly 30 years ago during the severe winter of 1991 a number of church parishioners, led by 4 strong willed women became concerned about the plight of people sleeping rough in Perth. Their concern and compassion lead to the formation of CATH with the introduction of a soup kitchen run by volunteers, which included the original 4 ladies who we fondly refer to as the “Founding Mothers of CATH”. The soup kitchen started in St Mathews Church and subsequently in a number of different locations until the Day Centre opened its doors on the Ladeside in 1995 with our first paid member of staff providing a more comprehensive range of support.

Churches Action for the Homeless (CATH) continues to be a local charity which supports, encourages and promotes the development and delivery of services to alleviate and prevent homelessness, and address the issue of poor housing. Like the four Founding Mothers before us CATH seeks to work with others to improve the circumstances faced by people challenged by homelessness in all its forms in the Perth & Kinross Council area.

The organisation has grown but the core values that led to its creation still drive CATH today. Recognising the associated problems that frequently accompany homelessness we work to alleviate those issues and help maintain and improve the quality of life of the individuals we support. We help significant numbers of people each year to overcome homelessness and related issues through our projects which include a drop-in Day CentreTayview House, Floating SupportOutreach Team , Literacy Project. and our Charity Shop.

CATH is a private company limited by guarantee and a charity regulated by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

CATH works closley with Starter Packs Perth and supports them in their vital work which enables people to move out of homelessness into their own homes by providing access to basic household goods. Starter Packs Perth’s primary aim is to help individuals and families on low incomes, who have been given the tenancy of a house or flat.

To request a Starter Pack, please fill in the online form, located within the Starter Pack option, at the top of the page.

We Need Your Help!

CATH is your local Homeless Charity. You can be assured that your donation goes directly to help people threatened by or experiencing homelessness throughout Perth and Kinross. You can donate via JustGiving by clicking on the link, by cheque or directly through our shop on Perth High Street. Thank you.

Why not get involved?

Homelessness remains an issue and even with the impact of Covid-19 no-one really knows the extent of the problem, in what remains a largely rural area. Equally the full effect of the pandemic remains unclear. We are experiencing unsettled times with worrying potential consequences for jobs, increasing debt, poverty and homelessness. Every bit of support that you can offer is gratefully received and will be put to good use.

Perhaps you could spare a few hours each week to volunteer in one of our projects? You may have some items that we could make use of in our projects or charity shop? Maybe you’d like to become a member and have your say in the future of CATH? Or, donate just £1 per month via our CATH 500 programme?

Everything helps. Just get in touch, and we’ll take it from there.

Some of our Services